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95,3% natural content. Antidote to heatstroke: Super moisturizing face mist that keeps the skin fresh and cool as it offers immediate hydration just when the skin needs it the most. It contains aloe extract that relieves intense heat and irritation and offers an immediate rejuvenating effect, witch hazel that protects against the oxidative action of free radicals and prevents premature aging. It gives an immediate feeling of coolness that lasts thanks to the menthe microcrystals it contains. Its formula has to offer much more to the skin in addition to hydration, as it has been enriched with excellent ingredients further enhancing our daily skincare while giving a wonderful, natural glow of health. Tip: Keep your favorite SUMMER ADDICT face mist in the fridge to be even more refreshing when it comes in contact with your skin. It is available in the same seductive scent of all the must-have products of the SUMMER ADDICT collection for endless magical Greek summers !! Dermatologically tested VEGAN formula, parabens and gluten free. 150ml bottle spray.

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