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Extremely covering product to perfectly correct and conceal even the most significant blemishes caused by skin disorders (e.g. acne) or problems caused by traumas (e.g. scars).
Once the skin has been prepared, identify imperfections and blemishes such as colour changes (dyschromias), spots caused by the sun, shadows under the eyes, small pimples, etc., which need to be corrected before spreading the foundation.
Its peculiar composition creates a naturally uniform and compact effect on the face and no thickness effect.
Available in 3 tones: Fair, Medium and Dark. Suitable for any kind of complexion.
A common mistake that is often made is to use large amounts of foundation to correct small defects with the result of obtaining an excessive primer thickness in some areas of the face. Small corrections must be made with a CORRECTOR. Pascal’s Correctors are professional highly-pigmented products specifically designed for the correction of blemishes, imperfections of the face and skin-fatigue signs.
A mix of fabulous ingredients: Hydrating and protective Castor Oil FU; highly-absorbable Jojoba Oil, rich in natural antioxidants; non-toxic rice starch with a very high absorbing power, which leaves no glossy or oily trace; filter for protection from UV rays. With addition of Vitamin E with antioxidant power. The selected dyes are the best in the market, with the highest degree of safety.

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Apply the concealer also on the upper part of the eye, at the mobile lid level: the eye will immediately look brighter.