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A shimmering face and body bronzer, for an instant tan. It will leave your skin sun-kissed, soft and moisturized and absolutely glowing, sexy and shimmering, without the harmful effects of sun exposure. It covers minor imperfections, visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite, and makes your body look more toned and slim. It’s easily applied, spreads like magic, and thanks to its 24 hour fast absorbing formula it dries quickly and stays on perfectly for 24 hours, while it’s super easy to wash it off. Its formula is enriched with vitamin E, so it offers antioxidant protection. Enriched with your favourite BABY TALC scent, reminiscent of baby powder, it awakens feelings of sweetness with sexy notes. Available in a fabulous shade you will absolutely love. It matches any skin tone and it is perfectly buildable, so you can actually control the coverage, the colour intensity and sparkle, depending on your mood! Dermatologically tested formula without gluten, parabens, mineral oil, SLES, propylenoglycol or animal-derived ingredients. Available in a 120ml tube.

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