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INTENSIVE HYDRATION, ABSOLUTE REJUVENATION 92.5 % natural content A 24h cream with a light, non-oily texture, enriched with natural hydrating elements that help your skin maintain its elasticity and moisture. It contains a special chemical complex of precursor molecules of hyaluronic acid which imitates the action of mesotherapy, allowing a more efficient diadermal circulation of the active ingredients, resulting in deeper hydration, reaching up to the connective tissue. Plant-extracted Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), facilitate the penetration of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin, while at the same time providing deep hydration and improved elasticity by reinforcing the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture. A combination of powerful hygroscopic ingredients (precursor molecules of hyaluronic acid, glycerine, etc), that provide intensive moisturizing and regenerating action, by obstructing the diadermal loss of water and maximizing the moisture levels on the surface, and even deeper, in the chorion of the skin. At the same time, it reinforces the protective barrier of the skin, encouraging the composition of lipids. Dermatologically tested, gluten free and parabens free formula. Available in a 50ml jar with spatula included.

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