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With the purchase of a sunscreen face cream spf50 & an after sun face cream, we give you your favorite summer addict face mist for free.

AFTER SUN SKIN GLOW FACE CREAM: Apply evenly to clean skin after sun exposure.

FACE CREAM SPF 50: Apply a generous amount evenly on the skin half an hour before sun exposure. Repeat the application often, especially after swimming.

and GIFT SUMMER ADDICT FACE MIST: Use it on the beach, for immediate coolness and rejuvenation, spraying as many times as needed at a distance of 20 cm.
Also in your daily care before your moisturizer, on a clean face, for hydration extraboost, to “wet” the brushes or make-up sponges, at the end of the make-up for a dewy finish and of course, throughout the day.

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