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THE MATURE CHOICE AGAINST WRINKLES, DARK CIRCLES, EYE BAGS INTENSIVE CARE FOR FRAGILE AREAS 90.3 % natural ingredients A highly nurturing 24h cream for enhanced anti-wrinkle action, that fights multiple signs of aging in the sensitive area around the eyes and neck. It includes a chemical complex of plant extracts, peptides and hyaluronic acid microspheres that reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles, effectively reducing the black circles and bags under the eyes and returning your skin to its youthful plumpness and vitality. Sorghum Stalk Juice , is rich in minerals and vitamins B2 and C ; it creates a transparent film on the skin’s surface, providing instantly excellent toning and firming results that last. Plant-extracted Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), facilitate the penetration of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin while at the same time providing deep hydration and improved elasticity by reinforcing the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture. Hyaluronic acid microspheres deeply hydrate the skin and “fill” wrinkles from within. Two types of peptides (Dipeptide-2 & Tetrapeptide-3) prevent and fight under-eye bags, while softening fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful vitamin C encapsulated in ceramides, encourages the composition of collagen fibres, binds free radicals and restricts the accumulation of chromophore molecules that are responsible for dark circles under the eyes. As a result, the delicate skin is protected and looks plump and healthy, with a homogenous colour tone. Dermatologically tested, gluten free and parabens free formula. Available in a 30ml jar with spatula included.

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